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FW + GB 01B Print Set (Variant Edition)


FW + GB 01B Print Set includes FAREWELL 01B Print (Variant Edition) and GOODBYE 01B Print (Variant Edition). Variant editions of FAREWELL 01B and GOODBYE 01B are exclusive to the FW + GB 01B Print Set.

3-color screenprints with metallic rose gold on French's Whitewash (colorway B). Printed by Night Swim Project.

Signed, numbered and hand-embellished. 10 sets available from a limited edition of 10.

One set per person/household. All sales are final.

* This item is a Flat Packed Item and shipping can only be combined with other Flat Packed Items. Please see the FAQ for more information.

Due to holiday printing and shipping schedules, orders placed on or after 12/03 will most likely arrive after December 25th.